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P u r l i


Purli is a beauty brand of lashes located in the alluring city of Miami, Fl. Our philosophy is simple. We elevate the intrinsic beauty that lies within self. Our artists' redefining approach  accentuates her graceful silhouette using the subtle application of luxurious lashes. Designed to inspire, our brand captivates the essence of her true beauty, building her true confidence. 

Meet Shanari Aceituno

The Founder


Having 4 years of experience in the Lash Industry. I've obtained so much knowledge within my lash profession. Climbing my way up the latter as a beginner I went through many phases from a multitude of techniques to operating a business. I've come to discover the real importance within it all, building relationships with one another. From clients, to supply consumers, even lash artist. Acquairing the ability to emotionally impact others and maintaining that super power is what keeps me going everyday. For me Customer Service goes far beyond servicing customers; honesty, quality, and creativity is what the drives my brand. Rendering a prodigious impression is Purli in itself. Exuding exceptionality, we plan to provide the "creme de la creme with some sass!". 

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